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On this page you will find inspiration for working on basic social skills with diverse adult target groups. The B.I.G. D.E.A.L. partners are sharing tools and tips here, and giving examples. Just browse and learn. Feel free to use any of this in your own practice!

(Updated regularly. Please, come back for more.)

Looking At Art


Magda Milewska (Pos, Poland) explains how looking at pieces of art can help people

  • make associations
  • listen to each other
  • talk and discuss what they see
  • observe details
  • work together

The Duel

Rudy Goes (Theater van A tot Z, Belgium) shows an exercise that makes people

  • focus
  • use their senses and feel each other's 'vibes'
  • work together
  • move simultaneously
  • become team players

To be continued...


Coordinator: Theater van A tot Z, Zirkstraat 36, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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