This partnership is a network of educators in the field of non-formal education. We believe there is a gap between supply and demand in non-formal adult learning. This gap is even wider for adults living in a disadvantaged situation. We are convinced that we can overcome this gap if we, as educators, continue to learn and improve our practices, if we, on the organizational level, dare to share our strenghts and weaknesses and express our need for growth and recognition, if we implement efficient communication in our local activities plan and if we improve access to non-formal learning.

B.I.G. D.E.A.L. =

Bridging Input Gaps for the Disadvantaged to Enhance the outcome of non-formal Adult Learning

Our goal: the empowerment of disadvantaged people by developing their basic (social) skills.

The B.I.G. D.E.A.L. partnership has three main objectives:

  • Better educators. Increase our educators’ competences by ‘teaching the teachers’ and exchanging good practices.
  • Better communication. Networking and building long-lasting relationships on an international level. Improve our communication.
  • Better access to activities. Facilitate access to non-formal learning.